From Road side mechanics to school

From Road side mechanics to school

Really of course our society doesn’t lacks talented ones , infact it’s filled up to the brim with those we are calling a wisdom boys Geniuses by nature .

This little fluently speaking English boy wasn’t lagged behind his eloquency made him to win a scholarship the road side mechanics boy transit from basement garage to school.

In my opinion to help such a people to scale through by carrying the burden of their education is a very good and welcome idea as well despite the fact that the national education is suffering from what it’s not supposed to suffered from, yet sponsoring such a child education will cherished their lives but advisibly their education has to be taken to abroad when necessary

This country bag 🛍️ where filled up to it’s brim with such a people some are even homeless but yet Genius.

Despite some criticisms yet to me giving such a person or even child’s a helping hand is a welcome progress I appreciated it

Long lasting My country

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